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Jan 2019

Curtis James on Maintaining Old Elm

Old Elm Club's Director of Agronomy Curtis James joins the podcast. Andy and Curtis discuss his background, how agronomy and turf work together, how a municipal course could improve on a shoestring budget and the transformation of the Old Elm Club.

Jan 2019

Geoff Ogilvy - Scotland and What Distinguishes Challenging Golf from Hard Golf

Geoff Ogilvy and Andy talk about Geoff’s recent trip to Scotland and the allure of links golf.  Geoff talks about the compelling aspects of women’s professional golf and how their game showcase architecture. Then the two discuss the idea of challenging versus hard golf.

Jan 2019

Geoff Ogilvy - Hawaii Swing, New Rules, and How to Test Pros

In the first episode of our new series with former U.S. Open Champion Geoff Ogilvy, Andy and Geoff discuss Waialae and Kapalua and their unique challenges. They also dive into what they like and don't like about the new rules in golf as well as testing the world's best players.

Jan 2019

Yolk with Doak 13: Memorial Park and the PGA Tour

Tom Doak joins Andy to discuss his upcoming redesign of Memorial Park Golf Course in Houston. This popular municipal course is going to host the 2020 Houston Open. Tom talks about his plans for the site, working with Brooks Koepka, and his strategy for testing the skills of PGA Tour pros.

Jan 2019

Roberto Castro - Part 2

PGA Tour player Roberto Castro joins The Fried Egg podcast for part 2. He and Andy talk how he builds his schedule, golf design trends, pace of play on the PGA Tour and much more.

Jan 2019

Roberto Castro - Part 1

PGA Tour player Roberto Castro joins the podcast. In part one, Andy and Roberto talk about the role of golf course architecture in golf, Roberto's time on the PGA Tour and Tour and how distance has changed the game. Roberto also discusses the difference in major championship setups to the regular week setup and how winning is underrated. 

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