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Mar 2019

How a Hole’s Par Changes a Player’s Strategy

University of Denver Professor Andrew Urbaczewski and Ryan Elmore join the podcast to discuss their paper on Loss Aversion in Professional Golf. Andrew and Ryan took a look at the effect that the change in par on the 2nd hole at Pebble Beach and 9th hole at Oakmont had on scoring in the U.S. Open. Read their paper here and listen to the podcast to learn about how changing the way you view par could change your scores for the better.

Mar 2019

Ran Morissettt

Golf Club Atlas Founder Ran Morrissett joins the podcast. Ran and Andy discuss dogs on golf courses, the founding of Golf Club Atlas, critiquing golf courses, Ran's 147 Custodians and much more.

Mar 2019

Yolk with Doak 14: The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses

In the latest edition of our interview series with golf architect Tom Doak, Andy and Tom discuss his latest book, the fifth volume of his Confidential Guide to Golf Courses. They also touch on Tom's travels through India and his memories of the distinctive courses and cultures there. Finally, Tom talks about a future book project of his, which will be all about golf course routing.

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