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Aug 2019

Craig Moore - Superintendent at Marquette Golf Club

Golf Course Superintendent Craig Moore joins the podcast to discuss maintaining turf on the United States Northern Border. Craig and Andy discuss the brilliant and varied architecture behind the 36 holes at Craig's facility the Marquette Golf Club. Craig discusses what it was like to build a course in the Upper Peninsula and some of the struggles maintaining turf that he faces. 

Aug 2019

Perry Maxwell, Prairie Dunes and Southern Hills

The Fried Egg's Managing Editor Garrett Morrison joins Andy to discuss their recent trip to Prairie Dunes and Southern Hills. Garrett and Andy talk about their takeaways on Perry Maxwell and how he is an underappreciated architect. The two then dive into Prairie Dunes, comparing Maxwell's original 9 to his son Press' work building the second 9. The two then dive into Southern Hills and the recent renovation work by Gil Hanse. The upcoming major host wowed both Garrett and Andy. 

Aug 2019

Yolk with Doak 17: Stonewall, the Consulting Business, and the Growing Distance Gap

In the third installment of our recent recording session with Tom Doak, Andy and Tom dive into his work at Stonewall in Elverson, Pennsylvania. The conversation then turns to Tom's future in the business of consulting at golf courses and what interests he might pursue in the final stage of his design career. Tom and Andy also discuss the increasing distance gap between professional and amateur golfers, and Tom compares Ben Crenshaw's playing style to Brooks Koepka's.

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