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Apr 2020

Superintendent Series: Rich Shilling on Jeffersonville and Public Golf

Rich Shilling, superintendent of Jeffersonville Golf Course, joins the podcast. Andy and Rich discuss Jeffersonville’s improvement during his time there and the unique challenges of upgrading a course while continuing to allow public play. They also talk about his future plans and how the municipality approaches budgeting for renovations.

Apr 2020

School of Golf Architecture: Tie-Ins with Riley Johns

In the third installment of our serialized introduction to golf course design, we explore how architects and shapers make courses feel at home in their surroundings. Specifically, we discuss tie-ins, the features that connect the manmade landforms of a golf hole to the preexisting surroundings. To learn more about this subtle art, Garrett speaks with Riley Johns (@RileyJohnsGolf), one of the architects behind the Winter Park Nine and the new short course at Forest Dunes. After listening to the episode, check out the accompanying post on The Fried Egg website.

Apr 2020

Christina Kim

LPGA player Christina Kim joins the program this week. She discusses the importance of individuality, the Ladies European Tour vs. the LPGA, her quick rise as a junior player, her favorite courses around the world, and much more!

Apr 2020

Joel Dahmen

PGA Tour player Joel Dahmen takes time out of his Arizona quarantine to join Andy Johnson this week. The two talk about Mario Kart, qualifying for the U.S. Open after a trip to the bar, playing with big-name players, and just what he is doing during all this time off.

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