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Jan 2022

Yolk with Doak 33: Listener Questions and the State of the Industry

In this second part of his most recent conversation with Andy Johnson, Tom Doak answers more listener questions, including ones about the upcoming Sedge Valley project at Sand Valley and the non-golf literature that has influenced him. Tom and Andy also discuss how golf course architecture finds itself at a crossroads, with established architects approaching retirement just as construction has started to boom. Finally, Tom answers the hardest question in Yolk with Doak history.

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Jan 2022

Building an Affordable Set of Used Golf Clubs with Ryan Barath

As the supply-chain crisis escalates, new golf equipment is becoming pricier and harder to get ahold of. So it might be a good time to take an interest in used clubs. Ryan Barath (@rdsbarath), lead content strategist at Tour Experience Golf, is one of the industry's most knowledgeable resources on that subject. Ryan talks with Garrett Morrison about how his golf nerdery started and how the equipment business has changed during his career. In the second half of the episode, Ryan and Garrett give their picks for two sets of used clubs: one that can be had for under $750 total, and another that consists of equipment made before 2005. This exercise allows them to delve deeper into the products, innovations, and trends that have, for better or for worse, shaped 21st-century golf.

On The Fried Egg website: How to Assemble a Great Set of Used Golf Clubs

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Jan 2022

Yolk with Doak 32: New Year’s Resolutions and Unconventional Course Concepts

In the latest edition of our interview series with golf course architect Tom Doak, Tom answers listener questions about New Year's resolutions, forward-tee placement, and accounting for climate change in his designs. He also shares with Andy a number of new concepts and projects he'd like to explore, including a modern replica of Pine Valley, a course specifically for women, and a fresh take on residential golf. Look for part two of this conversation in the coming weeks.

Jan 2022

Superintendent Series: Devon Carroll on Women in Turf

Why aren’t there more women in the turf industry? What changes would be necessary for there to be more? Devon Carroll (@turfgirl24), a doctoral candidate in turfgrass science at the University of Tennessee, has looked deeply into these questions. Recently she has been interviewing women who hold leadership roles in turf and finding out how more women might be recruited and retained. This topic has taken on additional urgency over the past several months as workplaces everywhere, including those in golf, have struggled to find labor. Devon joins Andy Johnson to talk about her background in golf and golf course maintenance, her experiences in the male-dominated field, and the ways that the industry can improve its gender diversity. 

Check out Devon’s new peer-reviewed research paper, “Women in Turf: A Qualitative Study Examining How Women Have Sustained Their Leadership Role in the Turfgrass Industry.”

Jan 2022

Previewing the 2022 PGA Tour Season with Joseph LaMagna

Let’s be honest: the PGA Tour season doesn’t really start until the serene seascapes of Kapalua fill our TV screens in the first week of January. To prepare for the occasion, Andy Johnson calls up Joseph LaMagna (@JosephLaMagna), the sharp mind behind the Finding the Edge newsletter, to discuss what to expect from Ponte Vedra’s princes in 2022. They talk about the youth wave in men’s professional golf, the keys to Collin Morikawa’s success, and whether Rory McIlroy is “back.” Andy and Joseph finish by running through several players who are primed for breakout years and a few who could regress to the mean.

While you’re here, check out our 2022 Fried Egg events, the first batch of which opened for registration on Monday.

Dec 2021

Fried Egg Events, Explained

For our final episode of 2021, we talk about The Fried Egg’s roster of 2022 events. First, Andy Johnson and Garrett Morrison run through some FAQs: Why do we hold these events? How do we choose the venues? What’s the format? Can I register as a single? What if I’m not a particularly competitive player? (To address the latter two questions briefly: absolutely, and it doesn’t matter.) Then Andy and Garrett have an in-depth discussion of Lawsonia Links, site of the annual Steamshovel event. Lawsonia was designed by William Langford and Theodore Moreau in 1930, and it is an important course both to Andy and to The Fried Egg. We finish up with two clips from past episodes: a portion of Andy’s interview with architect Troy Miller about Charleston Municipal Golf Course, host of the King Tide; and a conversation between Andy and Garrett about Soule Park, host of the Boomerang.

Sign-ups for the first four Fried Egg events of 2022 open on Monday, January 3! Those events: the King Tide at Charleston Muni in Charleston, South Carolina; the Boomerang at Soule Park in Ojai, California; the Steamshovel at Lawsonia Links in Green Lake, Wisconsin; and the Coup de Grâce at the Dunes Club in New Buffalo, Michigan. For details, visit our EVENTS PAGE.

Here are some time stamps in case you’d like to skip around in the episode:

(0:37) Explanation of Fried Egg events and next year’s events in particular

(24:40) Discussion of Lawsonia Links

(40:50) Interview with Troy Miller about Charleston Muni

(55:10) Discussion of Soule Park

Dec 2021

Bandon Deep Dives: Sheep Ranch

Over the next several weeks, we plan to record deep-dive discussions for all five 18-hole courses at Bandon Dunes. First up, in reverse-chronological order: Sheep Ranch. Before it was officially part of the resort, Sheep Ranch was a free-form course on which players could choose their own routings. Its 13 greens were designed by Tom Doak and the team at Renaissance Golf Design. When owners Mike Keiser and Phil Friedman decided to incorporate Sheep Ranch into Bandon Dunes, they hired Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw to transform it into a traditional 18-hole layout. Andy Johnson and Garrett Morrison discuss the course’s history and evolution before giving their assessment of its current design. (Spoiler: they like it.)

Our Bandon Deep Dives are brought to you by Zero Restriction.

Dec 2021

Bees Can Guide Us to the Future of Golf (Seriously)

One of the most pressing issues in golf right now is the relationship between the game and the environment. As temperatures rise and water supplies dwindle, courses need to reevaluate the way they use resources and interact with their ecosystems. Sorting through these complexities is Parker Anderson’s specialty. Parker is the founder (and head beekeeper) of Greener Golf, a company that helps golf facilities quantify and improve their impact on the environment. In this episode, he talks with Garrett Morrison about the surprising benefits that a well-tended bee colony can offer a course and its surroundings. They also discuss the stigmas against the game, the potential for short courses to be ecological laboratories, and how golf can strive to be regenerative, not just sustainable.

Dec 2021

Which U.S. Golf Courses Still Need to Be Restored?

Earlier this week, Andy Johnson wrote an article for The Fried Egg website on the great remaining restoration opportunities in American golf. It generated a lot of discussion, so Andy and Garrett decided to sit down and discuss the topic further. They go in depth on Andy’s top four restoration candidates—Augusta National, Riviera, Pebble Beach, and the Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass—and they touch on the 12 other courses that made the list as well as a few notable ones that were left off. Andy and Garrett wrap up with some thoughts on what the future might hold for restoration and renovation in the golf course industry.

Article: America's Great Remaining Golf Course Restoration Opportunities

Dec 2021

Superintendent Series: Ken Nice of Bandon Dunes

Ken Nice, Senior Director of Agronomy at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, joins Andy Johnson to discuss… basketball, of all things! Once the hoops chat is over, Ken shares some stories from his experience as the assistant superintendent during the construction of David McLay-Kidd's Bandon Dunes. Ken and Andy then talk about the evolution and growth of the resort, how he's handled overseeing the unique maintenance challenges at each course, his favorite spots on the property, and how he deals with the rare snow day and a packed tee sheet.

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